Korea Center for Investigative Journalism(KCIJ)-Newstapa has investigated the problems of medical device industry as part of the cross-border investigation project with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists(ICIJ) and its 58 member news organizations from 36 countries.

The collaborative project ‘Implant Files’ unveiled various issues from device makers’ poor recall policies to the collusion between regulators, industry and hospitals.

It’s entirely a physician’s decision which device he/she will use to treat patients. But if this physician has been routinely provided with bribe money and hospitality, then would he/she be able to make objective choice for each patient?

KCIJ-Newstapa investigated how device makers and physicians affiliated with big-name hospitals are intertwined in financial collusion by looking at cases involving overseas conferences, one of the most common form of sponsorship. It also explored how industry’s long-time practice of offering bribery may impact patients’ safety.

Reporting by Kim Sung-soo, Kim Yongjin, Hong Woo-ram, Kim Jiyoon, Yeon Da-hye, Lim Boyoung
Video Reporting by Kim Ki-chul, Jeong Hyung-min, Choi Hyung-seok, Shin Youngchul, Oh Jun-sik
Video Editing by Park Seo-young
CG by Jung Dong-woo